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Michael J. DeFazio


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Michael DeFazio Founder/ Executive Director

509 Street Crew (Ambasador)

Life and Carreer

Our Founder Mike DeFazio is a United States Navy Retired, and Disabled Veteran, who thoroughly loves the outdoors. His wants to help people is what drives him to what he created here at AOATG, and Camp One Eighty respectfully. He has done quite a lot in his lifetime already but aspires to build this organization to so much more for the betterment of his fellow Service members, and their quality of life. Mike has served in and retired from the United States Navy as an IT Intel and Security Professional with experience in the professional Military and Government sectors, as well as the business, healthcare, and home sectors. Mike has had his own business since 2016 called ITSNHiDeF LLC which provides IT and Security Consulting services, though he is focusing on AOATG, he has immaculate plans to bring a sense of security through ITSNHiDeF LLC to Disabled Veterans and First Responders alike. He has worked in Emergency Medical Services and the Fire Service within many roles to include Field Training Officer, and Instructor Coordinator, and to this day still serves within EMS. Mike really does love the thrill of the outdoors from Snowmobiling through the mountains, to Fishing in the Deep Ocean, or on the streets with his motorcycle he truly enjoys it all, and it serves as his break from the world around him. He enjoys riding to its fullest from Snowmobile, Motorcycle, Truck, Side by side or even Boat! Mike is also an Avid builder and woodcraftsman and builds anything from large structures to fine and intricate pieces of detail like furniture. When he finds the time the works that he creates are donated to Fellow service members, their families, or really anyone influential to AOATG. Other Works are created and Auctioned/ Sold as donations to the organization. Mike Also loves to cook, and often cooks during our Snowmobile Programs, or other events. He is detail oriented and will be able to tell you a number of reasons for why we do anything that we do in our organization. Many of the ideas are his own, but you will always find him speaking not of himself but of the entire team, and organization. You can find him in just about anything that has to do with An Officer and Two Gentlemen. Mike is truly a one of a kind and is the backbone to our operations, and the future to AOATG, and Camp One Eighty.

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