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Michael Elkin


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Michael Elkin Distribution and Guide

Life and Carreer

Mike or Mike^2 as you could call him is really not too far off from our Founder. Im sure you can find them both saying that its all within the name. Mike is a Disabled Firefighter, Snowmobile Enthusiast, and lover of anything crazy, which makes him perfect for our team here at AOATG, and Camp One Eighty. Mike has his own business called Driven to Perfection where he shares his love for anything on or off the road which commonly consists of fine Italian heritage. Mike has many dreams that we know he will aspire to but some of our favorites include what he has done and what he wants to aspire to with our team. The Craziness doesn't stop there with mike though as he is also a Timbersled Ambassador, an Authorized Amsoil Dealer, and parts distributor with Automatic Distributors, and our organizations plug to lube you could say amongst so many other needed parts and accessories. He has teamed up with us from the very beginning, was our first inspiration of what we could aspire too and has followed us on our journey to reintegrating our heroes. Like everyone else on our Team he has the want to aspire. He has the desire to help others, and he has the tenacity to grow our great organization. Mike Serves as one of our Guides as well in which allows him some more time on his fine Italian snow bikes.

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