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Charlie Jackman


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Charlie Jackman Mechanic, and Guide

Life and Carreer

Charlie, is what every organization needs. "Brute Force". He is actually the first applicant to ever apply to our programs at AOATG, and Camp One Eighty, but per his request he didnt want to just "Attend" our programs, he actually wanted to be a part of them and to guide our heroes into their reintegration. Charlie is a United States Navy Disabled Veteran and Firefighter. He also wears many hats here within AOATG and Camp One Eighty. He serves as our lead mechanic and will work on anything from our trailers, to snowmobiles, and even our trucks. He brings with him his love for the outdoors both on and off the mountain side. Charlie loves Snowmobiling and ATV-ing alike. He is a go-to person and boasts a can-do attitude which is exactly what AOATG and Camp One Eighty needs. He is a major resource to all of us and to our founder. Between the two of them some of the craziest ideas have been born. No Really!!!! Charlie also serves as one of our guides for our Snowmobile Reintegration Programs.

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