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Frank DeFazio



Frank DeFazio Honorary Co-Founder, and Guide

Life and Carreer

Frank is one of our honorary Co-Founders, and wears multiple hats here at AOATG and Camp One Eighty. Frank is also a United States Navy Disabled Veteran and served as a Hospital Corpsman onboard the U.S.S Guadalcanal just prior to the Gulf War, and served at Marine Corps Camp Lejune. Frank has professional experience in Healthcare and Healthcare Management, as well as Phlebotomy and many other areas within the Military and Government Sectors, as well as the Civilian Healthcare Sector. He can often be seen at Organization events, and is the first person to provide immediate support no matter when needed, and is always providing a hand where he can. Frank has provided countless hours maintaining our fleet of Trailers, Snowmobiles, and Vehicles, or manning a booth at our events, and so much more to be able to provide for our Disabled Veterans and First Responders. Frank is also an avid outdoorsman and loves to hit the deep seas equally with a rod in hand OfCourse, and can be seen hitting the real deep stuff (snow). He is a Snowmobile Enthusiast and serves as one of our exceptional guides within our snowmobile reintegration programs. Frank is Intricate to all of what we do at AOATG and Camp One Eighty.

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