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Our Mission:
We are Veterans Helping Veterans
We Serve to END Veteran and First Responder Suicide

Our Brand:

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An Officer and Two Gentlemen was created on November 10th 2021, and is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created in response to what is equal to a pandemic in the Veteran and First Responder communities. All too often a Veteran or First Responder will incur Traumas based upon and within their Service to our Grateful Nation, and all too often do these veterans end their lives because when they return home, they realize that they aren't the same and don't truly fit in anymore. Though AOATG wasn't officially formed until this year it was our mission to help others the same way I helped myself that truly created what we are all about, and that is why we stand together with our counterparts, because in this fight no one fights alone... Nothing Sets us apart.  AOATG was created by the founder doing simple projects, and adventuring that he truly enjoys, the same very projects, and activities that help with his own Mental health and other disabilities. In the Military however we are a family, and we don't back down on our brothers and sisters, and thus AOATG was officially incepted, sanctioned, and running to not support just one but to support all veterans Returning Wounded internally, and externally. furthermore, AOATG supports all Active Military and Veterans as well as First Responders and includes all in their programs which are built by veterans for veterans to help veterans help themselves...

Our Brand:

Throughout the existence of our organization so much work has been done in order to help reintegrate our Heroes, and to be able to continue to help our heroes throughout time. Organizations can be hard to fund, and especially in this current economic climate.  with that being said our team found that now more than ever people who donate to any cause, including ours want more. They want visible proof of what you do to help. They want something tangible at times to show that effort, and so our team set out to do it all. We built a brand to raise awareness for those that we serve. Our brand incapsulates our mission and shows our dedication to task, and purpose. Our brand provides a tangible product that spreads our mission equally at the same time, but we couldn't just stop here, so what we did was become self-sustainable through this brand that we created. We teamed up with some of the best in the industry like: Eagle Emblem, Rothco, and 509. Through these companies, brands, and their technology it expands our brand and allows us to incorporate so much more to spread awareness of our mission. It allows us to provide great quality items and brands that we believe in to the Snowmobile and other outdoor enthusiast communities that we are integrated within and allows us to fund our programs through all of our sales. This brand allows us equally to provide the best cost-effective solution to providing gear for all of our program applicants

The Future for AOATG

The Future of AOATG and Camp One Eighty is nothing simple.

Veterans Helping Veterans Help Themselves
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