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Our Founder Mike DeFazio is a United States Navy Disabled Veteran, who thoroughly loves the outdoors. His wants to help people is what drives him to what he created here at AOATG, and Camp One Eighty respectfully. He has done quite a lot in his lifetime already but aspires to build this organization to so much more. Mike has served in the United States Navy as an IT and Security Proffessional with experience in the professional Military and Government sectors, as well as the business, healthcare, and home sectors. Mike has had his own business since 2016 called ITSNHiDeF LLC which provides IT and Security Consulting services. He has worked in Emergency Medical Services and the Fire Service within many roles to include Field Training Officer, and Instructor Coordinator, and to this day still serves within EMS. Mike really does love the thrill of the outoors from Snowmobiling through the mountains, or Fishing in the Deep Ocean he truly enjoys it all, and it serves as his break from the world around him. He njoys riding in his truck, or on the backroads with his motorcycle. Mike is also an Avid builder and woodcraftsman and builds anything from large structures, to fine and inttricate pieces of detail like furniture. Mike is truly a one of a kind, and is the backbone to our operations.

Frank DeFazio (1).png

Frank is one of our honorary Co-Founders, and wears many hats here at AOATG and Camp One Eighty. Frank is also a United States Navy Disabled Veteran and served as a Hospital Corpsman onboard the U.S.S Gudalcanal. Frank has professional experience in Healthcare and Healthcare Management, as well as Phlabotomy and many other areas within the Military and Government Sectors, as well as the Civillian Healthcare Sector. He can often be seen at Organization events and is always providing a hand where he can. Frank has provided countless hours maintaining our fleet of Trailers, Snowmobiles, and Vehicles, and has also manned a booth at our events, and so much more to be able to provide for our Disabled Veterans and First Responders. Frank is also an avid outdoorsman and loves to hit the deep seas equally with a rod in hand ofcourse. He is a Snowmobile Enthusiast and serves as one of our exceptional guides within our snowmobile reintegration programs. Frank is Intricate to all of what we do at AOATG and Camp One Eighty.

Charlie Jackman (1).png

Charlie, is what every organization needs. "Brute Force". He is actually the first applicant to ever apply to our programs at AOATG, and Camp One Eighty, but per his request he didnt want to just "Attend" our programs he actually wanted to be a part of them and to guide our heroes. Charlie is a United States Navy Disabled Veteran and Firefighter. He also wears many hats here within AOATG and Camp One Eighty. He serves as our lead mechanic and will work on anything from our trailers, to snowmobiles, and even our trucks. He brings with him his love for the outdoors both on and off the mountain side. Charlie loves Snowmobiling and ATV-ing alike. He is a go-to person and boasts a can-do attitude which is exactly what AOATG and Camp One Eighty needs. He is a major resource to all of us and to our founder. Between the two of them some of the craziest ideas have been born. No Really!!!! Charlie also serves as one of our guides for our Snowmobile Reintegration Programs.

Mike ELkin (1).png

Mike or Mike^2 as you could call him is really not too far off from our Founder. Im sure you can find them both saying that its all within the name. Mike is a Disabled Firefighter, Snowmobile Enthusiast, and lover of anything crazy, which makes him perfect for our team here at AOATG, and Camp One Eighty. Mike has his own buisness called Driven to Perfection where he shares his love for anything on the road which commonly consists of fine italian heritage. Mike has many dreams that we know he will aspire to but some of our favorites include what he has done and what he wants to aspire to with our team. He is also an Authorized Amsoil Dealer, and our organizations plug to lube you could say amongst so many other needed parts and accessories. He has teamed up with us from the very beginning and has followed us on our journey to reintegrating our heroes. Like everyone else on our Team he has the want to aspire. He has the desire to help others, and he has the tenacity to grow our great organization. Mike Serves as one of our Guides as well in which allows him some more time on his fine italian snow bikes.

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